Astronomical Observatory in Patagonia Argentina

Galileo Boutique Hotel is the only hotel in Bariloche with an indoor Astronomical Observatory in Patagonia. We have a Celestrom Star Align telescope of high resolution image and GPS to align and search for the selected star or constellation. This telescope is the favorite one both among amateur and experienced astronomy lovers.   It´s alignment system SkyAlign has an internal GPS and the control Pad is a manual device to Select and alternate between more tan 40000 celestial objects and follow them through the night sky in Patagonia.

Our Astronomical amateur Guide programs his weekly visits according to the weather forecast and when he confirms we invite all our guests to enjoy this exiting activity. Astronomical observations occur when the sky is totally dark, during Winter season usually around 19.30 hs and in summer after 22hs.   Come and experience the discovery of the Patagonic Sky from our Astronomical Observatory at Galileo Boutique Hotel.

We invite our guests to enjoy a unique experience in Bariloche, observing from the hotel tower according to the season of the year and the schedule; different stars, constellations or phases of the moon. The recommended age to participate in astronomical observation at Galileo Boutique Hotel is from 7 years old, to be able to appreciate clusters, galaxies and nebulae using the telescope.


Horario de Check In: Desde las 14.30hs hasta las 23hs.

Horario de Check Out: Desde las 7hs hsta las 10.30hs.