Bariloche es una ciudad ubicada dentro del Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. Es la capital Nacional del Turismo de Aventura, donde podrás disfrutar del Ecoturismo y contacto con la naturaleza protegida durante las cuatro estaciones del año.

Sailing is another way to live on the lake Nahuel Huapi. On board, you can discover the magical landscape of the color of its deep blue waters, islands, hills and beaches. The strong and steady winds make the lakes in Patagonia, a paradise of pleasure. You can get to exclusive places and marvel at the fully preserved nature… dive on the bays and beaches of dreams

Rafting Bariloche has the option of rafting with different degrees of difficulty. Experiencing the feeling of giddiness and excitement always. Down the rivers of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the visitor goes into the endless forests, deep canyons and valleys basaltic glacial through the heart of the Cordillera of the Andes

Paragliding Flights Bariloche also offer the opportunity to paraglide tandem sky in Patagonia with an instructor. Tandem Paragliding is the closest thing to flying. Every flight is different in length, height and distance. Launch sites also vary by time of year and weather conditions.
Bariloche Mountain Bike offers a number of scenarios with different levels of difficulty for mountain biking. It is with your own or rented bike, the options multiply with half day or full day tours. Cerro Catedral: While in winter skiers use a ski pass, rented skis and cross the mountains; in summer Bike Park opens the door to adventure for cyclists enjoy circuits with appropriate levels at each stage of learning difficulty .

Ski Touring is a modality that requires no preparation and aims to make the ascent and descent of a summit, a cruise or trip. Like other mountain activities, this is a risky sport. For preventive measures are recommended to be performed with specialized guides. Requires special equipment and materials, similar to classic ski, but with a system that can raise the level and climb the snow without slipping down. Bariloche area is famous for its ski resort in winter, and also offers many other opportunities to enjoy Winter besides just skiing or snowboarding. A rich and unforgettable experience of one or several days around a number of hills and mountains.

Climbing is an activity that involves making ascents on steep walls using your own physical and mental strength. The climbing area of Cerro Catedral is one of the largest and most elaborate of the continent. Its dominant excellent quality granite walls are a paradise for climbers. The climb to the needles of the Catedral is traditional, they are cracked, with patches and holes. They thrive on a large red granite, in an exceptional landscape. The place is located 3/4 hour walk from the base of Cerro Catedral.

Trekking with snowshoes Snowshoes are accessories attached to the shoes and are used to move with greater ease and speed on icy roads, mainly used in the practice of hiking and trekking in the winter, same way the pioneers used to move in snowshoes made of cane and leather. They are ideal for enjoying the soft, powder snow that just fell!

Cruises, climbing and mid mountain expeditions. Bariloche offers many opportunities for trips, climbs and expeditions, here are a few. Trekking Registration is required and free as it is important to know where they are going, with whom and when they come back: or declare at Club Andino Bariloche centers and national parks. Crossing four shelters is a great hiking connecting shelters and incomparable scenery.

Kite Surfing on Lake Nahuel Huapi is one of the best places in Argentina for flying your kite. The wind is constant almost every day and beaches provide a safe practice. The experience is particularly beautiful and evocative. The scenery is a must, and excellent sailing conditions make it a great experience.

Lakes and rivers Kayaking. This fun activity is done in lakes and rivers near Bariloche, ideal for the whole family, because they can make people of all ages. Half day, full day and parts of two or more days are done

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